Stroke 69 just released their newest single called ‘Amazing’ ‘Amazing’, it is a love song and also it is our way to say ‘Thank you’ to the women in our lives . In this song she is either the girlfriend or a friend, daughter, mother or all of them together.

Our journey in life is amazing with her by our side so we felt like doing a song to say ‘Thank you’ for the ride, it is Amazing. There is a good vibe surrounding this new song, we felt it working in the studio and also shooting the video. Everything align perfectly and we are enjoying the ride.

Soon we will release an official Remix Pack for Amazing, Mick Mauer & Steel our friends since the beginning are on it alongside with other Dj/Producers but we will keep their name for us at the moment because we want to surprise you when the Pack is out.

Also, we would like to say Thank you to everyone around the world for all the support since we started. This is us so far, so don’t forget to Subscribe. SOON more to come from Stroke 69 :


Stroke 69 – Amazing – EN press release

Stroke 69 – Amazing – comunicat RO

Amazing versuri – lyrics

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